Our Soil. Our Land. Our Stories – Exploring Diverse Careers in Agriculture

March 11-12, 2022

The Celebrate! Maya Project, in collaboration with Heifer Project International, with funding from the Facebook Black Community Fund/AR Community Foundation, will hold a two-day youth career education conference centered around career options in the field of agriculture. 

Celebrate! Maya Project seeks to utilize Maya Angelou’s philosophy of using the arts and humanities creatively to change the status quo, increasing underserved youth’s chances in life, and uplifting their voices and the image they see when they look into the mirrors.  Taking into full consideration, the negative impact of COVID-19 on families and children and seek to help these youth come out of this pervasive era better prepared for the future.

Up to 100 students from LRSD, and central Arkansas schools will be invited to participate. Our over-arching goal will be to engage with youth on the subject of diverse agricultural and environmental career opportunities and options. Two panels of presenters will share their stories, and their knowledge of career options for students.  Presenters will share how students can begin now, to prepare themselves for the roles in which they are most interested.   Because the “village” is important in our work, schools, nonprofits and institutions will be invited as partners.

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