We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Growing Dreams in Arkansas Communities

Our Beloved Friends & Supporters,

Celebrate! Maya Project of Arkansas is celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary this year! We couldn’t be more proud to commemorate 10 years of impactful partnerships with middle and high schools, and communities throughout Arkansas. For these last 10 years, we’ve worked together to help ensure our youth’s futures by creating literacy, history, art, and writing projects; awarding academic scholarships and poetry awards and introducing Arkansas’ very own literary icon Maya Angelou to students around the state.  We will be celebrating throughout the month of April, and we hope you’ll join us!

We are so grateful to the many individuals, including corporate and community leaders, who have supported us throughout this journey. We sincerely hope you will, once again, help us celebrate our past successes and ensure our future programming with students  by becoming an Event Sponsor.   These  last 10 years have been transformational as we met amazing young people and worked passionately with schools and communities  to celebrate the life and legacy of Maya Angelou around the state.

Please consider being an Individual, Corporate or Organizational Sponsor this year!  Your support will help us continue our growth and community outreach across the State. For your generous sponsorship please click on the link below, to see the options and  benefits on the sponsorship form.

We  are  a  501(c)(3)  non-profit  organization  operating  within  the  state  of  Arkansas.   Our executive  and  advisory  boards  include  women  and   men   who   are   committed   to   Maya Angelou’s    philosophy  of  education,  the  arts  and   civil   and   human   rights.   Our  overarching  commitment  is  to  create  initiatives  that  help  students  realize  their  dreams.  Your  support will be invaluable to our work.  

Use the button below to complete a sponsorship form.

Thank you, and please join us during our April events. A list of our events is attached..

Janis F. Kearney, President & Founder

Contact us at: celebratingmaya@gmail.com, or call us at: (501) 772-2930

About our Future Maya House Renovation Project

In honor of our 10-year Anniversary, Celebrate Maya Project is allocating all sponsorships to our “Building the Maya House,” campaign, to raise funds to rehabilitate a property in the Central High School historic district, and establish the Maya House, and headquarters of the Celebrate! Maya Project. 

It was the aftermath of the COVID Pandemic, which stripped away so many advances for our youth that set us on our journey to create a space where we could expand our programming services to students and their communities. Our goal is to become a vital part of the community wide safety net for children who lost so much – education, healthcare, and critical social interaction—by implementing new initiatives that address the unique needs.  

This home will not only allow us space to expand our youth programming and services, but to pay homage to our namesake, the literary icon Maya Angelou – who called Arkansas home and spent most of her developmental years in the small town of Stamps, Arkansas.   Our building will be open to the general public for youth services, public forums, community conversations, cross-generational workshops, and an information site for local, state, national or global visitors to learn more about Dr. Maya Angelou.  

We hope you will help us celebrate Maya Angelou, and continue to serve children around Arkansas by becoming a Sponsor of this 10th Anniversary Celebration.

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