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CelebratingMaya@96 Spirit of Maya Awards Luncheon and Celebration: Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou

CelebratingMaya@96 proudly announces the 10th Annual Spirit of Maya Awards Luncheon and Celebration, commemorating the extraordinary life and legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou since her passing in 2014. This milestone event serves as a poignant tribute to the iconic poet, author, artist, educator, and humanitarian, celebrating her indelible mark on the world and her enduring influence on generations to come.

Scheduled for April 11, 2024, at the esteemed Clinton Presidential Center, the Spirit of Maya Awards Luncheon and Celebration offers a unique opportunity to honor Dr. Maya Angelou’s birth and her monumental contributions to literature, civil rights, and the arts. As a beacon of hope and inspiration, Dr. Angelou’s legacy continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, transcending boundaries and inspiring positive change.

At the heart of the luncheon is the recognition of the CMP’s 2024 Spirit of Maya award recipients, individuals whose life work reflects Dr. Angelou’s unwavering commitment to the arts, education, children, humanity, and social justice. Selected with meticulous care, these honorees embody the spirit of Dr. Angelou’s enduring legacy, serving as beacons of hope and agents of positive transformation in their communities and beyond.

The Spirit of Maya Awards Luncheon and Celebration will also shine a spotlight on youth artists, paying homage to Dr. Angelou’s profound love for music and poetry. Through captivating performances and heartfelt expressions, these young talents will honor Dr. Angelou’s legacy while inspiring future generations to embrace their creativity and strive for excellence.

Tickets for the Spirit of Maya Awards Luncheon and Celebration are available for purchase, with proceeds directly supporting CelebratingMaya@96’s ongoing initiatives to honor Dr. Angelou’s legacy and inspire positive change in communities worldwide. Join us on April 11th as we come together to celebrate the life, legacy, and enduring spirit of Dr. Maya Angelou.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit our Eventbrite!

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